“A moral paradox of human experimentation”


It is astonishing how much of the ground-breaking developments in science and medicine prior to the era of protectionism in medical research, came at the cost of physical and mental abuse, marginalization, and exploitation of the most vulnerable people in the global society. “A moral paradox of human experimentation”.Throughout human history equity has always been repressed by utilitarianism, consequentialism, classism, capitalism, despotism, and Power. Today, we live within a social order wherein the progress of science and medicine, the political economy, and the market economy compels the underprivileged to sacrifice optimism to sustain the agendas of global capitalism.

J. Archer


I Tell You The Truth


Open eyes, focused ears, and a wondering mind.
Open your eyes brothers and sisters, can’t you see our divide is to our conquer.
Focus your ears brothers and sisters, heed to the inconsistencies, you will hear when the truth has too many interpretations.
Let your minds wonder brothers and sisters, don’t you realize your talents are hibernating in your imaginations.
although separated we share the journey of life,
although cultivated we share the burdens of mistruth,
although hopeful we share the uneasiness of uncertainty,
although optimistic we share the inevitability of death.
I tell you the truth, open your eyes, focus your ears, and let your mind wonder

J. Archer

Whose Justice?


I have seen the majority over the minority in democracy, gender over fairness in equality, and rich over poor in social class…the clamor for justice appears to be self-interested and instrumental… with an often disregard for justice, desire seems to be motivated by our pleasure over another’s pain. Arguably, the quest for diverse equality in many ways breeds new inequalities. As I see it, the problem intrinsic to the implementation of justice is that it has the unintended consequence of creating divides, a departure from its envisioned harmony. That is, in a community of people, we are often uncertain who are the losers in Justice, and the winners in injustice. Nevertheless, Justice was never meant to be a tool intentionally focused on the individual’s interest but designed to manage and protect a well-ordered society.

J. Archer

Biased Perception


To those who relentlessly pursue faultlessness in others, be advised that there is no immaculate perception, there is only our subjective perception, whereas how and what we observe depend on our perceptions, predispositions, understandings, and sensibilities. We often see what we want to see; perceptively acquiescing an irrational reality.

J. Archer