Empty Glasses and Lit Candles

Empty glasses and lit candles,

Soft music and polished knives.

Cold breeze and satin cloth,

Victoria secret is Bold and Beautiful.

Long walks and endless strides,

Foot prints in the sand now washed away.

Dinner is ready, serving all your favorites spiked with a little wine,

Tension in the mind but pleasure for the soul.

Anticipating in the morning but longing for tonight,

Never too late, time begins with you.

The hands of time tick away with every beat of my heart,

Your fragrance usually precedes you, you know the one I like.

It is raining tonight but all my thoughts are as bright as the sun as hot as the sun,

A little water will get you wet.

When I pour  your glass I will pour my love,

Let’s fill up our glasses and blow out these candles.

J. Archer

Je vous servira le petit déjeuner le matin, bonne nuit.
By: Jamal Archer