Without Resistance: Change is Inevitable

You continue to foresee a fruitful tomorrow using yesterday’s botched lens.
Never acknowledging your loss, continually pretending each defeat is really a victory, hence never learning from your mistakes.
Every intervention that you employ has had a placebo effect, success is merely a fabrication of your imagination.
After deep introspection, you should be getting “back up” and “dusting off” learning from yesterday’s defeat, but your perpetual counterfactual thinking deceptively suggests your failure was really a success.
You are devoted to a world of ostensible actualities, you have the determination but lack in wisdom.
Perseverance is a gift to those with a discerning spirit.
Success is not purely an incident of chance, success is a collection of experiences made up of many highs and lows.
The enduring happiness of most experiences does not emerge upon arrival to the destination, but rather the journey along the way.
Therefore, make changes and learn along the way.

J. Archer

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