“Dead Curious”


“The unfortunate dead”… (Hans Jonas, 1974). Why is death or the sufferings preceding death regarded as unfortunate? In life, the value of death is silenced, we fear it and so we undervalue any importance it could/does have. Certainly, we do not entirely understand the state or value of death, its metaphysical relevance or spiritual evolution. Therefore, if death serves as both an abstract reality and a carnal human phenomenon, how are we to conclude that a state unbeknownst to us is unfortunate. To be sure, the fortunes of death are both secret and apparent to many.

J. Archer

“A moral paradox of human experimentation”


It is astonishing how much of the ground-breaking developments in science and medicine prior to the era of protectionism in medical research, came at the cost of physical and mental abuse, marginalization, and exploitation of the most vulnerable people in the global society. “A moral paradox of human experimentation”.Throughout human history equity has always been repressed by utilitarianism, consequentialism, classism, capitalism, despotism, and Power. Today, we live within a social order wherein the progress of science and medicine, the political economy, and the market economy compels the underprivileged to sacrifice optimism to sustain the agendas of global capitalism.

J. Archer