“Let there be Light” where Darkness once was.


Light is the greatest evidence that darkness is real.

We fear the most natural characteristic of the earth, Darkness

Concealed in the Darkness are the mysteries of revelation, the worth of the worthless.

Exposed by the light is the lens of demystification, the value of the valuable.

In essence, darkness is both foreign and familiar, but light, it’s simply a friend.

Very rarely are we apprehensive about the coming of the dark, it seems inevitable, but it is the light we agonizingly anticipate.

Light is what Interrupts the Darkness, in this way, exposure interposes clandestineness.

“The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it”.

J. Archer

Know Thy Self

know thyself

I am who I am when I am noBODY
When we close our eyes and lose consciousness we become who we are when we are noBODY
Somewhere murky in the abyss of human intellect we all get lost in Descartes substance dualism
everyBODY once in a state of rest can isolate self from what it truly is
We are but a breath, lodged in a biological construct, where presence requires noBODY
The BODY is lauded as the Creator’s breath of genius, an element of our existence we have no way of exhaling.
I am who I am when I am noBODY

J. Archer