Under Construction


In the process of discovering the invisible elements that shape our phenomological reality,

We join an international effort to construct a world that reflects our common perceptions and ideals.

Human existence has never before been under such rapid and unbounded construction,

A world never before so liberated, a world without borders, a malleable people with elastic ideals.

A world seemingly disconnected from anything regarded as inherent or natural,

Unsurprisingly, such rising fluidity in ideals renders anything that
inhibits this constant desire for change a form of stagnation.

A deteriorating humanity, the life we cannot see is pervaded by the life we can see, dented hearts and fleeting souls.

Change has become and remains the motto of human aspiration, while rationalizing it as inevitable we forsake deep-rooted principles.

A lost world, a populace confined within their subjective realities, only to miss the essence of human existence.

While it seems as if we live in a changing world, those things that are most basic to human survival remains the same.

Love, Kindness, Forgiveness, Safety and Peace…

Growth is inevitable and change is circumstantial.

BY: J. Archer


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