What a Capitalistic society knows that you don’t:


The Market determines the state of the Market.

Capitalist never takes a product to a market that they (themselves) have not already created(the market).

This means that first they convince you that you need what they are selling and then they create the item they wish to sell.

In the mind of a capitalist, a product does not have economic value if there is no demand for it, this includes humans.

Your personal accomplishment and development is only as important as is necessary.

Capitalism thrives on the commodification of people, the workers who exchange their services and personality at a price that the market determines.

Sadly, we are now willing participants, by determining our personal worth/value by the market standards.

Remember, while the capitalist is owner of capital, the workers are owners of labor. If they (capitalist) can value capital then workers should value labor, one cannot work without the other.

J. Archer


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