Prayer Changes things

praying for u 2

In a moment when writing this piece was of the least importance, here I am writing anyway.
I write as the bearer of my brothers burdens, I write as the consoler of my sisters’ tears.
As we all reflect on the journey some call ‘Life’, for my brothers and sisters the experience haunts them in the worst way.
Failed relationships and broken marriages, loved ones gone too soon and success too long to come.
Their sorrows are the images that consume me, I am the one with a heart to fight against their treacherous journeys.
I so desperately desire to undo the scars of your Life, yearning to erase the empty promises and abuses that was your ‘Life’.
I feel the burden of one who ignored the realities of hardship and marginalization.
This is my reflection, this is my burden, and this is my worry.
Brothers and sisters I reach out to the heavens engaging the essence of Love, questioning the journeys of you the fallen.
Family, I pray on your behalf.
Your aching journey has created the greatest perplexity, but as I stand bewildered I explore my mind for resolves.
Brothers and sisters you parade my mind, and then consume my prayers.
As I cease from writing in this moment the questions remain unanswered, but I pray anyway.
Prayer changed many things for me, this day I hope there is another prayer left in you. There is but one solution in my mind. We pray.
Off to do what is most important. And then I pray.

By Jamal Archer