The noise over Bahamar

Bahamar2 The Bahamar fiasco like everything else in Bahamian society has become a topic politically driven. To make matters worse, there are individuals who are hyperventilating over the issue, while their views are completely nonsensical. I am not a genius, but I am quite aware that there are legal matters gleaned from both domestic and international law that surrounds this controversy, and must be addressed before informed opinions can be uttered. Bahamians are already casting aspersions on who the culprits are without sufficient facts. But like we say, ‘I live in a democracy and I could say what I want”. Democracy prides its self on pluralism and division, Bahamians argue for and against ideas not knowing the relevant details, all we see is gold, red and green. For many Bahamians this entire dilemma is about our local politics, this is such a tragedy. Nothing else matters so long as the world knows our individual views, Yes…we have a right to speak freely. Although we ramble on with dogma. What about the obligation to make sense of our ideas before we share them? The cost owed to freedom is responsibility. Free speech is a right that has been and continues to be exploited… (Apparently). Today everyone is demanding their voice be heard at the harsh expense of nobody actually listening. The vibrant parts of society functions like a noisy market, those spaces where people gather such as Facebook, under the tree, Barber shops, and Hair Salons to name a few. Noise in this sense would be those inflammatory dogmatic statements, or opinions that are disjointed, imprudent, lewd, and fixated on obscenity. Somehow, matters that require judiciousness and common-sense discussion are lost in the deafness of the noisy market. It is such a privilege that people, all people, are able to participate in unrestrictive dialogue, in an effort to express freedom of opinions. Sadly, Instead of embracing such a source of pride, we sacrifice meaningful contributions simply to make a little noise in the markets.


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