Noisey Market

noise in market

The cost owed to freedom is responsibility. Free speech is a right that has been and continues to be exploited. Today everyone is demanding their voice be heard at the harsh expense of nobody actually listening. The vibrant parts of society functions like a market, those spaces where the day to day people gather; Facebook, under the tree, Barber shops, Hair Salons and other markets. However, great ideas and great people have emerged from the markets, in those scenarios vendors and patrons alike stopped talking and they listened. Noise in this sense would be those inflammatory dogmatic statements, or opinions that are disjointed, lewd and fixated on obscenity. The noise in the market is literally just that, everyone talking nobody listening. Somehow, matters that require prudence and common-sense discussion is lost in the deafness of the market. In the 1930’s many riots occurred in the Caribbean due to the “noise in the market”, of course this noise was built around the desire for equality and justice which we have today. It is such a privilege that people, all people, are able to have unrestrictive dialogue and express freedom of opinions. Sadly, with such a privilege we sacrifice meaningful contributions on daily and current discourses simply to make a little noise in the markets.
J. Archer