Life & Death is judged by the same preparations

here today

There is a beginning and end to all things under the sun, as we meditate on and design our lives, we should direct a similar passion and preparation to our death, and as much as we plan for peace in life we should also plan for peace in death. It matters not that life is known and death is unknown, it is true that even the human body upon the sight of uncertain and potential change or danger to the body’s homeostatic state responds kneejerk with the body’s eternal defense mechanism of preparation. The uncertainty of death should cause men to prepare for a certain journey in a way that is most beneficial for such a transformation. Death as far as we know has been the greatest expression of love ever shown towards mankind. However, men continue to fear those things they are the most uncertain about, can life itself be sweeter than its return to its creator the giver of eternal life? It is only by death of the physical body are we then able to reside in the purest presence of a proper love.
Refrain from the procrastination to prepare, let your entire life be your preparation, live a good life.
We were never called to be perfect, rather to be obedient. Being takes on a new form in death.

J. Archer



Be wary of those persons who claim that they are inspired to rally up the masses in the interest of commonwealth and the General will, who say that their agenda…in fact, aligns perfectly with the public interest.
The only thing worse than a biased call to action…is when he who sounds the alarm to the crowd; has yet to secure the peoples loyalty, provide some sense of motivation to a supposedly concerned but unmotivated crowd, while insuring they are properly advised and informed.

“One who leads his flock purely on desire and with no clear sense of rationale, is like a beast of the field leading a race of people, for we know that desire is an appetite shared by both man and animal, but rationale is a higher virtue afforded to man alone”.
J. Archer

The essence

mirrorIf you stare into a mirror long enough you would wonder if the imposter is either outside or inside.

Living essentially through our bodily pleasures is a life significantly wasted… a worthwhile life is lived largely within the human mind.
When you look in the mirror again take an introspection, instead of pondering on the matter that you can see, ponder on the essence of your existence that you cannot see.
Matter is simply a shell that your essence occupies temporarily, matter was made for earth and essence was made for heaven.
J. Archer



“People rarely accept the things they are unable to explain to be of any value. Where they cannot find an acceptable cause and effect relationship, they reject.”
Are mind and body made of separate substances? is the mind an immaterial product of a material brain? what is mind?

J. Archer.

The Journey

rocky road

You are praying for the Lord to make the rough journey of someone else a bit smoother, you forgot that it was journeying that same rocky road that brought you to a place of comfort and appreciation. Let others embrace their journey so they can have an appreciation for the destination.

J. Archer

Discovering Purpose


A man once saw a stone on the bank of a river, and thought he would use that stone to break the shell of a coconut. In his amazement the stone said, “Don’t use me to strike against such a hard and painful surface”. The man was in shock, as far as he knew the stone had no other important use. The stone then said, “Only because you are unaware of my true purpose you then use me to fulfill your own selfish desires”.
Likewise, we see each other as having use and not purpose.
People were never made to have use, but rather purpose. Therefore, purpose transcends cost or any earthly value assigned to it, purpose is a gift from the Lord.
J Archer.