‘Delayed Success’

I placed a sign on the tree of my life, advertising a reward for the discovery of my success.
The only thing worse than not finding success is delayed success.
Time squandered can never be recovered but a second chance is a gift from God to man.
I started off with the herd on the road to success; in retrospect time was wasted on chic and bonds.
Somehow the achievement of a fellow squaddie reminds me of lost opportunities and careless mistakes.
The sound of success I can still hear ringing in my ear.
Just short of its discovery, I still race to the finish line.
With no end in sight I must remind myself daily that success can never be lost but it may be undiscovered.
I sit lingering in my silent abode; the quietness retells my inertia when life required my mobility.
The idea of strutting in my tassel and gown keeps me optimistic, however the evolution of success has grown from a mere diploma to the ability to attract wealth.
Complacency dies at the hands of urgency, effective change occurs when desires become necessities.
The face of success is a flexible mask, like a plastic card that stocks currency, this mask is only worn when access is required.
Although life experiences comes in an array, opportunities arise in there season.
Success reminds me of who I want to be and who I am not, I wait in agony to be your replica.
The only thing worse than not finding success is delayed success.

By Jamal Archer.

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