‘Delayed Success’

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I placed a sign on the tree of my life, advertising a reward for the discovery of my success.
The only thing worse than not finding success is delayed success.
Time squandered can never be recovered but a second chance is a gift from God to man.
I started off with the herd on the road to success; in retrospect time was wasted on chic and bonds.
Somehow the achievement of a fellow squaddie reminds me of lost opportunities and careless mistakes.
The sound of success I can still hear ringing in my ear.
Just short of its discovery, I still race to the finish line.
With no end in sight I must remind myself daily that success can never be lost but it may be undiscovered.
I sit lingering in my silent abode; the quietness retells my inertia when life required my mobility.
The idea of strutting in…

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