Matters of the Heart

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Can you love when you cannot feel?
Is it worthy when it don’t seem real?

Do you cry when you’re losing hope?
Should you hang on after you stop holding the rope?

Where do you hide when you’re already exposed?
Who do you call when you don’t want to impose?

Will they judge if you share the truth?
Can they handle an uncovered you?

Is it right to live in defeat?
Should you surface from your beneath?

Is anger the route when there’s nothing to lose?
Is happy the course to paying your dues?

Will they listen to you now that you’ve given your all?
Are you a faded memory or just lost in the call?

By: Jamal Archer

2 thoughts on “Matters of the Heart

  1. your words speak from the chaos of my mind… just being able to express these unanswerable abstractions that laden my heart is peaceful in and of itself. for me to attempt to describe what this poem does to me, releases for me, would be a reduction of its actual value, and thus i can speak no more…

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