Anti- violence letter seeking solution



Anti- violence letter seeking solution.
From: World

How do we disregard the distant violence?

Although afar, its remnants leave behind scars in our conscious mind.

Too little is our sympathy, while this unchanging dilemma rapes civil societies.

Afar but yet so close, these outsiders but yet insiders wreak havoc, our fear warrants us silent.

Petrified to act, but courageous enough to write, these words a soft representation of hard contemplations.

Wounds and calamity, while some rest sheltered behind tall gates and barred windows.

These edifices however do not avert the pursuit of vicious men.

‘You can run but you can’t hide’, an appropriate cliché for this impasse.

Ideas to mitigate this dispute must move from potential to kinetic.

Social ills must become social wellness, no more scapegoats it’s time to take the bull by the horn.

The physical and intellectual barriers that divide the classes also craft the spaces that villains evolve.

All hands on deck, a slowly sinking ship requires a quick uplifting rescue.

This violence although it appears remote, it resides in our minds.

Eradication however is being purely optimistic.

The answer of peace and non-violence resides in all of us.

It resides in you.

To: The persons who are tired of recognising the problems and are ready to work with solutions.
By: Jamal Archer
Inspired by:


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