The Shell I Occupy



This anatomy that I live with each day,
Contains me in every way.

Sometimes when it’s healthy and strong,
The core feels weary lacking an inner song.

I dress my shell so the world may see,
But the I called me, awaits its destiny.

Trapped in a covering that I shall not lose,
But the I called me appreciates what I did not choose.

I find me when I lose my shell,
My imperfections all go to hell.

The shell that I occupy is not my own,
My parent’s gift, a genetic loan.

My shell and I live separate lives,
When I meditate he close his eyes.

We pray together but exist apart,
A match made in heaven from the start.

I have seen my shell but he only hears of me,
And just like him I await to see.

Am I an effervescent or some vaporous mass?
Am I rich or poor? Don’t know my class.

The shell I have, I won’t have always,
But the I called me, I have to stay.

By: Jamal Archer

Matters of the Heart

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Can you love when you cannot feel?
Is it worthy when it don’t seem real?

Do you cry when you’re losing hope?
Should you hang on after you stop holding the rope?

Where do you hide when you’re already exposed?
Who do you call when you don’t want to impose?

Will they judge if you share the truth?
Can they handle an uncovered you?

Is it right to live in defeat?
Should you surface from your beneath?

Is anger the route when there’s nothing to lose?
Is happy the course to paying your dues?

Will they listen to you now that you’ve given your all?
Are you a faded memory or just lost in the call?

By: Jamal Archer

Hurricane ‘People’

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The clouds are grey and the land is murky,

This storm has a mysterious origin, with gusty expressions that implodes on its partial self.

Thunder and lightning, the roar only reminds those on the periphery that this tempest is precarious.

Floods and rains wash away the peace of the day.

No rainbow in sight, only the howls of the wind, suggesting that sunshine and rain is our nature.

Debris such as sticks and stones hover from everywhere with no concern of its impact.

As the night progresses a pounding rain condenses to a thrashing spry.

The eye of the storm is seeking for whom it will devour.

Although calm all in its path must secure their chattels.

No birds singing in the morning, the horror of the night has robbed the day of its splendour.

As the dark skies brightens, the memory of yesterday’s damper is viewed as an unforeseen forecast.

The storms do not come to breakdown but rather build up.

While the sun evaporates the remnants of inclement conditions, most of the rain is immersed into the skin of the earth.

And behold, there arose a great storm on the sea…but Jesus Himself was asleep.

Be still!
By: Jamal Archer

Anti- violence letter seeking solution



Anti- violence letter seeking solution.
From: World

How do we disregard the distant violence?

Although afar, its remnants leave behind scars in our conscious mind.

Too little is our sympathy, while this unchanging dilemma rapes civil societies.

Afar but yet so close, these outsiders but yet insiders wreak havoc, our fear warrants us silent.

Petrified to act, but courageous enough to write, these words a soft representation of hard contemplations.

Wounds and calamity, while some rest sheltered behind tall gates and barred windows.

These edifices however do not avert the pursuit of vicious men.

‘You can run but you can’t hide’, an appropriate cliché for this impasse.

Ideas to mitigate this dispute must move from potential to kinetic.

Social ills must become social wellness, no more scapegoats it’s time to take the bull by the horn.

The physical and intellectual barriers that divide the classes also craft the spaces that villains evolve.

All hands on deck, a slowly sinking ship requires a quick uplifting rescue.

This violence although it appears remote, it resides in our minds.

Eradication however is being purely optimistic.

The answer of peace and non-violence resides in all of us.

It resides in you.

To: The persons who are tired of recognising the problems and are ready to work with solutions.
By: Jamal Archer
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