‘A Work In Progress’



The memoirs of your past involvements,
Elucidates your contemporary state of tragedy.

Your former engagements have branded you as reckless and insensitive,
Nevertheless, today it is only your intentions you see.

When provoked by the valley of decision,
Somehow your decisions have demonstrated one who is immoral and untrusting.

However, you propose these actions as not being your own,
These intentions are rightly not of me but somewhat of the thing that lives in me.

You being the man that suggest intentions and realities exist separately in your personhood,
A life of what I want to do and what I actually do.

Why should a man be judged on his intentions when his actions go contrary?
Who is able to truly decipher a man’s thoughts but God?

Forgiveness should be done both intrinsically and extrinsically,
Abhorrence and indignity persist where you permit forgiveness of yourself to linger.

You can change your present if you learn to exonerate others.
You can transform your future by first forgiving yourself.
Your past is dead, it can only experience life when you live in it.
By Jamal Archer.


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