Take a ‘Chill Pill’: Relax

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Tired of noisy spaces,
Drained and overwhelmed by the voices that exist,
Annoyed by their rambling and embarrass by my annoyance.

Tired of quiet spaces,
The void that fills the matter where sound once occupied,
Silence is the prison that detains the spoken word.

Tired of the ‘whatever’ feeling,
You know this feeling that is, ‘whether they scream or whisper’ it doesn’t bother me one bit.
This nonchalant feeling towards the social environment is one of great passiveness.

Well! I am just tired of being tired.
I am going to find my very own real quiet place,
I will turn my car radio up as loud as possible,
And I will do ‘whatever’ the Heaven I want.
It’s that kind of a day, Pray for me.

Jamal Archer


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