Wake-Up and Smell the Coffee!


Wake-Up and Smell the Coffee!
By: Jamal Archer

Don’t turn around; the emptiness of your past is a dark reminder of broken spirits.

Live each day standing on yesterday while reaching for tomorrow.

Losing love is like closing your eyes, if you would just open your eyes you will see again.

Look ahead and taste the promises of tomorrow, for tomorrow is the beginning of forever.

Smile and wear your progress, let love and happiness be your daily gown.

Overcome the adversities that have long held your progress in captivity, free yourself.

The deepest yearning to give life to your imaginations and fruition to your endeavors is what you desire.

Competitively chasing after the dream of well-being, but fearfully steering down the track of disappointment.

See beyond life’s regrets and live each day pursuing your passions.

Regret is the realization of a missed opportunity to pursue something of passion.


2 thoughts on “Wake-Up and Smell the Coffee!

  1. Okay I’m up! and I smmmeeellllll the coffee!!!! 🙂
    This post makes me not only want to start a new day, but also to see with a new vision.
    You mentioned in your post to ‘free yourself’ and I think that this is a concept that many of us overlook.
    Even as Christians, we sometimes believe that there is nothing we can do for ourselves, but really, God have put into our hearts everything we already need…sometimes we want God to do all the work and want to do nothing, but that is like telling God we don’t want to use the gifts, talents, skills, wisdom (and may I add common sense) that He has given us. Indeed God has given us all we need to free ourselves.

    • You are my sunshine
      my only sunshine
      you make me happyyyyyy
      when skies are grey
      I enjoyed reading your post, it was straight to the point.A great bishop once said, “we are not waiting on God but rather God is waiting on us”. Thank you Princess

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