The Rhythm of my Soul


The Rhythm of my Soul
By: Jamal Archer

The rhythms I hear they inspire me, my spirit leaps, my soul, body and mind all engaged.

These words are the expressions of the oppressed, broken hearted and the rejected.

Transformation, levitation then liberation, these words redirect the passions of my life.

I wonder about the barriers in my future and reminisce on the hills of my past, and is this present situation indicative of these realities.

Invisible tears, my heart bleed streams of fulfillment as these words capture my every imagination.

Life after death while I shun thoughts of immortality, I embrace my own mortality; my father whom defeated the grave is a risen savior.

Skipping to the beats of adversity, desperately holding onto the strings of relationship, whilst whistling praises to the king.

Designed to uplift the spirit, but these songs embody the cries of ancestors, hovering over our heads like a hangman’s noose.

Intended to express my desires democratically, these freedoms afforded are as though the gift is truly a curse.

The pulsating rhythm of my soul is who I am.


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