The Life Today and The Life to Come

heaven and earth

The Life Today and The Life to Come
By: Jamal Archer

The world is a continuous circle of successes and failures

A journey of transformation, where the sweet aroma of the secular world entices the strongest of believers

A place of good and evil, a land described as both heaven and hell.

Where our enemies lie on their belly’s like a serpent and the hands of the master divides the clouds calling us from entrapment into the wellbeing of his bosom.

A land that manipulates greed,
People persuaded to believe that the capitalist agenda is actually the will of the people.

This place where life lessons does not discriminate and we all suffer from the scars of loss and the wounds of disappointment.

This place where our mistakes are the greatest reasons for our hurt and our selfishness explains our loneliness.

A world we cannot destroy an experience we must endure.

A life that is filled with uncertainty and even death has much reservation.

Who knows? Which way and how long? Burden spirits and broken hearts ask these questions daily while time fades into the distance.

In this land time has no regards for circumstance and delays its progress for nothing.

This place filled with the fragrance of sexual immorality, where the demon of sexual promiscuity and the curse of sexual infidelity and adultery appear in the DNA of the best of the populace.

The heavens and its ray’s sprays over the earth as its inhabitants quickly run and hide for fear of early judgments; sinners tactfully delay repentance, Procrastination the thief of time.

I know this place seems very familiar but it is no secret that you are also a resident, and how we came here we could not control but how we leave and the life after this journey is ours to determine.

There is a world beyond this rock, where many spirits are free but some are bound.

In the world to come freedom is not given but it is earned.

“I have come that you might have life and that you might have life more abundantly”


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