A Worthy GOD

worthy God

A Worthy GOD
By: Jamal Archer

Breathing your gift sustains the life of all existence.

Longing to praise You in a way that satisfies my fullest expressions of the glory You deserve.

Oh God if my death could glorify You in a way that would honor You, I would give of my life.

Lord I suffer with desire, yearning to touch You, dying to embrace You.

My tears You have dried, lonely nights grieving in despair and as I drown in my rejection, Your love rescues me.

Father You found me when I was lost and seeking to fill my empty soul, the fullness of Your love is sufficient.

Buried faces gasping for air as lonely heads drown in their oceans of sobbing.

Oh death and agony let me be, for my Father has come with the ransom and that which I once negotiated with He has bought with His life.

No more a victim I will fight death and its army, ready to die if my God will find pleasure in my sacrifice.

Oh Lord my integrity, no longer a hypocrite, for I have lost the desire to please the peasants around me whilst I hurt the King who is within me.

Once I found value in earthly tangibles, but Father my glass is empty and only Your validation can fill me up.

Lord the voice I desperately long to hear is Yours; the healer I long to touch must be You, the savior I keenly wait to see is You.

Lord I give You my existence, for You are more worthy to have the life that You have given, I give it back to You Lord, use my life as a gift to You.


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