Close my eyes and the terror of tomorrow sent me into hibernation,

and I dreamt.

In my dream,
Capitalist became the contemporary colonialist of a badly polarized society.

Equal rights and justice had been devalued to a mere cliché.

In my dream,

The poor were living to die; this also became the plight of the dying middle class.

In my dream,

Many yearn to die, since death promised more than life had offered those who endured the social and economic struggles of this world.

In my dream,

Dr. King arose and realized his dream of human equality amongst the races had arguably come to fruition but the economic gaps amongst the social classes have proliferated.

In my dream,

The slave ships sailed in and Negros were the enslaved as well as the slave driver, and at the shore line I saw the other races both apprehensive and condescending, as they have realized that a people divided against itself can not stand.

In my dream,

Love had become a term that represented a season of plenty, and those without would rob, kill and demolish as a sign of one who seeks to have love and be loved.

In my dream,

The church had remained the ideal symbolism of Christ, but the church in its ways lacked God’s Holy Spirit and compassion.

The people could not feel the message they saw and heard.

I awoke from this dream,

Realizing that my dream was a reflection of my reality.

J.J. Archer[caption


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