(see this video on twerking)
I do not agree with everything that was said in this clip. Since i am not of the view that one particular action should bring condemnation or judgement on an individuals overall character.However,  I am of the view that people are in title of having a little fun, as we say it ‘shake a leg from time to time.Nor do i believe men in our society have any right to marginalize or castigate women for what may be viewed as public vulgarity or promiscuity. Well to the contrary, all of those who responded to this clip had a right to do so, in fact democracy gives us all a sense of entitlement in regards to expressing our individual biases. It seems to me that  any public act is subject to public scrutiny, and all comments to some extent should be respected by all of us who also seek respect while we expound on our individual opinions. Sometimes in order to truly understand our personal position on certain matters we must use our lives as an experiment. How would you feel about ‘twerking’ in public if it was your son,daughter,husband,niece, or wife doing it.Now some persons believe that your actions should not be the determining factor on whether or not society shows you respect. If an individual goes on an interview with a doo-rag on his head, his pants drop to his hips,in her hot red booty shorts  and a mid rif, should society view these individuals as respectable job candidates based on their presentation.Should society view them as unfit to work because of their actions and appearance.If you truly feel that an individuals actions should not be determined by the quality of their character then on what bases  should we determine this.This definition is just to get a feel for what modesty is; Bing Dictionary mod·es·ty 1.humility: unwillingness to draw attention to your own achievements or abilities 2.sexual reserve: reserve in appearance, manner, and speech, especially in relation to sexual matters 3.shyness: lack of confidence or assertiveness, with a tendency to embarrass easily All individuals deserve respect, but each society must determine which is ethical and unethical behavior. We can only help each other by telling them what society as a majority has determine to be its normative standards.Women ‘twerking’ is sexy, and men find it pleasing to the eyes. We can all do what ever we want to do in this life, but let nobody fool you, for every action their is some sort of a reaction. If i may paraphrase a quote by Mike Murdock, ‘The advice we listen to determines our future success’.

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