“In Christ we live In Christ we die”

‘In Christ we live, In Christ we die’
You know it is a test, but you feel just a few decisions away from failure.
Couldn’t arrange the thoughts in your head and nothing really made sense.
You told yourself it’s just the devil, and then asked yourself where God is?
But you wondered if you should be saying it’s just God, and then asking how come it’s not the devil?
It never really seems plausible to associate God with pain, hurt, grief or sadness.
How could God allow a dreadful situation to arise, and then seek to rescue you from the very situation he permitted?
Many atheists believe that this is the very argument that dispels the notion that there is a God.
‘Why do bad things happen to good people?’
One of the most difficult things to experience is to keep faith while you’re losing grip on hope.
It’s really hard to explain the valley experience; many have lived and died never overcoming their trial.
However, there are some persons who got their breakthrough experience, where they thankfully saw God move in a great way.
For some their comfort must come from knowing that there is victory in death.
Life is filled with uncertainties; the walk of the righteous is filled with troubles and trials. Maybe it’s God who places us in trials and the devil who brings us trouble.
Keep your chin up when boulders weigh on your head, the adversities of this world will strengthen you for the world to come.
Many people speak of Christianity as if it is a life of pure roses and chocolates. Christianity my friend is so risky it can even cause you your life.
Christianity is about suffering, forgiving, risking, compromising, lies, deceit and a whole lot more.
If truth be told the real benefits and promises of Christianity is eternal life.
We must all learn to pick up our crosses daily,
Christ carried his cross to Calvary, and now we have access to eternal life.
Your cross may be an ugly divorce, losing a job, a disease, being diagnosed with HIV or depression.
Why don’t you pick up your cross, maybe others will discover eternal life through you.                                                                                                                                                  By Jamal

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