How High will you Fly?

How high will you fly if you’re still playing the blame game?
If you thought life owed you something you’re wrong,
In fact sometimes it seems as if we should place our hands in the pockets of our existence and pay life homage.
Every day of our lives we sit expecting to get things we feel owed to us; it is a very empty place, uncertainly waiting for things we are not convinced we deserve.
The truth is many of the walls we see around us are the ones we have erected ourselves.
The irony is many of the ditches we see around us are the ones we tunneled for someone else.
No one is just going to rescue you, it was all a fairytale.
Phone booths are no longer sold with a cape and gown; you are your very own superhero. Where is your confidence? Face your kryptonite. Man up!
Don’t be afraid to look deep within; you can save yourself.
If truth was told life doesn’t owe you anything, but you do owe it to yourself.
What is your worth? Now pay it. FLY
By Jamal J Archer

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