Greetings to God



Remember to tell God Good-morning and that you appreciate the way he pays attention to all the details of your life.
Every time you fall asleep he looks over you with tentative eyes, he then anoints you with the words “I wish that you prosper and be of good health”.
Remember to tell God Enjoy his day, he is often so busy monitoring the entire world. Tell God that in the midst of all his responsibility he has time to smile.
Each day God walks with us directing our path, he keeps us from being swallowed up by sin. He is never to leave us nor forsake us.
Remember to tell God Good-night and that you are grateful for life and the protection he provides.
The promise of a new day is a gift from God, as you lay your head at night remember when you talk to God you build your relationship with him.
He is the first and the last the beginning and the end, let him be the first, the center and the ending of all your days.
By Jamal Archer

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