God is courting you


Title: God Is Courting You
He is shouting your name can’t you hear,
An absent Body but his spirits there.
You habitually ignore him and he stays around,
Silently, “repent”, “repent” an unceasing sound.
I have never seen a love like this before on earth,
Why waste time on me? Even I know my worth.
Searched for love all my life and I’ve yet to find,
This voice keeps calling me his own, says I will make you mine.
Now I have heard some real smooth lines and said a few myself,
But no one ever wished that I prosper and be of good health.
Too afraid to start over, it seems like I am in a new relationship each day,
Each night the voice whispers I want your heart and if you will have me I plan to stay. This could be my very last opportunity to ever find true love,
Someone I will have and to hold, he said he’ll fit like a glove.
He promised he will never leave me or forsake me and he won’t ever let go of my hand, He vowed mid-night conversations and long walks on the sand.
This is all happening so quickly but he says we don’t have much time,
How could I say no to one whose words are both dashingly appealing as well as tenderly sublime?
Whenever he visits it’s my name he calls,
This time I surprised him, “You don’t need to ask anymore, I surrender all”.
By: Jamal Archer