Crime in The Bahamas Part 2

Crime in The Bahamas #2
No regard for Law, unable to sympathize and unwilling to play by the rules: The Bahamas has fallen into the hands of an unorthodox breed of criminals. This nation once celebrated… for its sun, sand and sea quickly moves towards possible international isolation. While politicians warn us of the impact the rising crime levels will have on our most precious Tourism industry, the Bahamian people look into the personal spaces they occupy and contemplate their own safety. While the preachers predict tomorrow’s showers of joy, today the country suffers an ‘uncleansing’ bloodbath. Although cowards, they are a fearless breed, afraid to die but not afraid of the law. Bahamian people, it is Law that can curtail the increase in crime; similarly it is Law that has influenced crime. Our legislators and policy makers sit back and behave as if their hands are tied whilst the constitutional rights of all Bahamians are threatened daily. And No to all you Bahamians who see everything in ‘gold’ and ‘red’: crime cannot be attributed to FNM nor PLP; perhaps it is these labels that have delayed the needed progress in our criminal justice system. No longer can any of us sit back idly and disregard crime because it has not showed up on our door step. This breed of criminals does not discriminate, today for me tomorrow for you. Each of us must take up the cause, as a united body we must fight crime. Bahamians must agitate and pressure policy makers to strongly advocate for the execution of capital punishment and perhaps to limit the appeals process. We must no longer be controlled by a minority group of villains whilst the majority of the citizenry acts as hostages. Bahamians as one people we must march forward, upward and onward against crime.
By Jamal Archer

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