Crime in The Bahamas Part 1

#Crime in The Bahamas: Going Back is moving Forward #Crimeinthebahamas
Today’s Bahamas has somehow lost its way, with record breaking criminality and sky-rocketing social and moral decay, tomorrows news has become todays agony. It was once common and safe to wear your 16inch 14carat gold chain with a pendant depicting the crucifixion of our Lord Jesus the Christ. Nowadays to do such a thing would be you making yourself a target for would be criminals. Remember when the only time you heard about copper was in Physics class when you’re being taught about the periodic table: Now every day we read local news about bandits’ who mercilessly steal copper from everywhere but their pockets. Early morning jogging and evening walks must now be done in large groups, they no longer just ask for the few dollars in your pocket. A new breed of trigger happy cowards now shoots you without regards for the people whose future you must live to secure. Sadly this is done despite the fact that you have given them your last. What is more disappointing is that the thugs who have waged war on a society of civility and justice will probably not read this post. There was once a Bahamas where peacefulness and spirits of kind heartedness was rampant, and the question of who is my neighbor was never asked. Peace and community involvement was common to many. Critics of our Bahamian history will argue that rum-running, boot-legging and piracy are all indications of a criminal nature that always existed and will continue to exist. However I’m referring to a more recent past, those years of the 1960’s, 1970’s, and 1980’s. The   older folks would talk about leaving windows and doors wide open without thoughts of burglary, vandalism and the likes. And since many people were without automobile, Bahamians walked for miles even at night time without fear of being robbed. Bahamians let’s start a peace campaign, I want a Bahamas where one day my kids may live in a predominantly crime ridden society. Legislators must advocate for laws and to put in place policies that would help stem the crime wave, for the bible says, Ecclesiastes 8:11 when the sentence for a crime is not quickly carried out, the hearts of the people are filled with schemes to do wrong. If you read this post tell everyone you know, Going Back is Moving Forward (the-good-old-days) .
By Jamal Archer

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