Take a ‘Chill Pill’: Relax

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Tired of noisy spaces,
Drained and overwhelmed by the voices that exist,
Annoyed by their rambling and embarrass by my annoyance.

Tired of quiet spaces,
The void that fills the matter where sound once occupied,
Silence is the prison that detains the spoken word.

Tired of the ‘whatever’ feeling,
You know this feeling that is, ‘whether they scream or whisper’ it doesn’t bother me one bit.
This nonchalant feeling towards the social environment is one of great passiveness.

Well! I am just tired of being tired.
I am going to find my very own real quiet place,
I will turn my car radio up as loud as possible,
And I will do ‘whatever’ the Heaven I want.
It’s that kind of a day, Pray for me.

Jamal Archer

A Purpose Driven Life



A Purpose Driven Life

By Jamal Archer

Some of us talk about tomorrow,
Planning for the future in the present.

Some of us make decisions in the moment,
Intending to reap a harvest forthcoming.

Some of us plan to fall in love,
With the hope that we will be complete.

Some of us desire to be successful,
Sacrificing minimal pleasures of today for an abundance of pleasure in the yet to come.


None of us have the ability to predict our future.
So all of us should note that we ought not procrastinate and live mediocre lives today,
With the expectation that we will live a more fulfilled life tomorrow,
When tomorrow is promised to no man.

It is very possible to live the best life you can today with enough hope and promise to live your best life tomorrow.

If you are going to live your life today in delay, please choose salvation yesterday.

Mathew 24:36

“But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, but My Father only.

A Worthy GOD

worthy God

A Worthy GOD
By: Jamal Archer

Breathing your gift sustains the life of all existence.

Longing to praise You in a way that satisfies my fullest expressions of the glory You deserve.

Oh God if my death could glorify You in a way that would honor You, I would give of my life.

Lord I suffer with desire, yearning to touch You, dying to embrace You.

My tears You have dried, lonely nights grieving in despair and as I drown in my rejection, Your love rescues me.

Father You found me when I was lost and seeking to fill my empty soul, the fullness of Your love is sufficient.

Buried faces gasping for air as lonely heads drown in their oceans of sobbing.

Oh death and agony let me be, for my Father has come with the ransom and that which I once negotiated with He has bought with His life.

No more a victim I will fight death and its army, ready to die if my God will find pleasure in my sacrifice.

Oh Lord my integrity, no longer a hypocrite, for I have lost the desire to please the peasants around me whilst I hurt the King who is within me.

Once I found value in earthly tangibles, but Father my glass is empty and only Your validation can fill me up.

Lord the voice I desperately long to hear is Yours; the healer I long to touch must be You, the savior I keenly wait to see is You.

Lord I give You my existence, for You are more worthy to have the life that You have given, I give it back to You Lord, use my life as a gift to You.

If Excellence is Within Reach, then Good is not Good enough: Never Give Up.


If Excellence is Within Reach, then Good is not Good Enough: Never Give Up.
By: Jamal Archer

Why so harshly do we judge are brothers and sisters who fall by the wayside?

Life for some is not as favorable as what may seem to be common to ‘the arrived bunch’

Tossing in the towel after bad decisions and countless disappointments are what separates success from failure.

Persistence and the lack of a will to continue is what separates the legendary from the forgotten.

Do you know of a wrestler who won a match without first getting in the fight?

How far can you drive your success if you don’t first fuel your engine?

The journey called ‘Life’ is a series of conditions and choices, where the victory of our lives are determined in our secret places as opposed to our ‘spot light’ experiences.

We measure the value of others by the personal wealth and academic prosperity we have achieved.

To be inspired by a great man is a good thing, but to create great men through your inspiration is a prestigious accomplishment.

Wake-Up and Smell the Coffee!


Wake-Up and Smell the Coffee!
By: Jamal Archer

Don’t turn around; the emptiness of your past is a dark reminder of broken spirits.

Live each day standing on yesterday while reaching for tomorrow.

Losing love is like closing your eyes, if you would just open your eyes you will see again.

Look ahead and taste the promises of tomorrow, for tomorrow is the beginning of forever.

Smile and wear your progress, let love and happiness be your daily gown.

Overcome the adversities that have long held your progress in captivity, free yourself.

The deepest yearning to give life to your imaginations and fruition to your endeavors is what you desire.

Competitively chasing after the dream of well-being, but fearfully steering down the track of disappointment.

See beyond life’s regrets and live each day pursuing your passions.

Regret is the realization of a missed opportunity to pursue something of passion.

The Life Today and The Life to Come

heaven and earth

The Life Today and The Life to Come
By: Jamal Archer

The world is a continuous circle of successes and failures

A journey of transformation, where the sweet aroma of the secular world entices the strongest of believers

A place of good and evil, a land described as both heaven and hell.

Where our enemies lie on their belly’s like a serpent and the hands of the master divides the clouds calling us from entrapment into the wellbeing of his bosom.

A land that manipulates greed,
People persuaded to believe that the capitalist agenda is actually the will of the people.

This place where life lessons does not discriminate and we all suffer from the scars of loss and the wounds of disappointment.

This place where our mistakes are the greatest reasons for our hurt and our selfishness explains our loneliness.

A world we cannot destroy an experience we must endure.

A life that is filled with uncertainty and even death has much reservation.

Who knows? Which way and how long? Burden spirits and broken hearts ask these questions daily while time fades into the distance.

In this land time has no regards for circumstance and delays its progress for nothing.

This place filled with the fragrance of sexual immorality, where the demon of sexual promiscuity and the curse of sexual infidelity and adultery appear in the DNA of the best of the populace.

The heavens and its ray’s sprays over the earth as its inhabitants quickly run and hide for fear of early judgments; sinners tactfully delay repentance, Procrastination the thief of time.

I know this place seems very familiar but it is no secret that you are also a resident, and how we came here we could not control but how we leave and the life after this journey is ours to determine.

There is a world beyond this rock, where many spirits are free but some are bound.

In the world to come freedom is not given but it is earned.

“I have come that you might have life and that you might have life more abundantly”

The Rhythm of my Soul


The Rhythm of my Soul
By: Jamal Archer

The rhythms I hear they inspire me, my spirit leaps, my soul, body and mind all engaged.

These words are the expressions of the oppressed, broken hearted and the rejected.

Transformation, levitation then liberation, these words redirect the passions of my life.

I wonder about the barriers in my future and reminisce on the hills of my past, and is this present situation indicative of these realities.

Invisible tears, my heart bleed streams of fulfillment as these words capture my every imagination.

Life after death while I shun thoughts of immortality, I embrace my own mortality; my father whom defeated the grave is a risen savior.

Skipping to the beats of adversity, desperately holding onto the strings of relationship, whilst whistling praises to the king.

Designed to uplift the spirit, but these songs embody the cries of ancestors, hovering over our heads like a hangman’s noose.

Intended to express my desires democratically, these freedoms afforded are as though the gift is truly a curse.

The pulsating rhythm of my soul is who I am.

The Great Paradox: The fallen Bahamian man and the rising Bahamian woman

men arrested


educated bah- women

The Great Paradox: The fallen Bahamian man and the rising Bahamian woman.

The Fallen Bahamian Man and the Rising Bahamian Woman.
By: Jamal Archer

The struggling Bahamian male continues to search the foot prints of time for direction, he is afflicted with cultural sins passed down through the generations; his already jobless situation now exacerbated by an ailing economy. While many men in the Bahamian culture are able to access tertiary education, the larger majority look from the distance as opportunity rarely pass their way. Her Majesty’s Prison is like an inflating balloon just a minute away from exploding. Countless men blemished as social rejects, deemed unfit to thrive in the civil society.

The evolving woman of higher learning no longer wishes to negotiate on uneven terms; while the aspiration of male leadership slowly fades the rise of the independent woman surges. Countless men of scholar are bewildered by this twenty-first-century woman, some men resenting her for neglecting inherited domestic roles as a nurturer. Historically men governed as dominant in a patriarchal society; however with women leading the work force and the class rooms we are now on the brink of a more matriarchal society. The emasculated male walks with his head hung low; realizing that he cannot lead from behind.

‘That which women refer to as knowledge many men refer to as power, therefore when women seek knowledge to these men they seek power’
By J.J.A

Some ask the question, ‘Why are men threatened by educated women?’ The truth is men are not threatened by the education the woman acquires. However, since men associate education with power, it is the renouncing of his power that threatens him. Adam and Eve gave a very profound view of what seems like a woman’s search for knowledge that threatened the authority or power of the man.
Genesis chapter 3 vs. 5, 6, 7
5 “For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”6 When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it. She also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it. 7 Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they realized they were naked; so they sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves.”
The passage above is interesting because it reveals that even though it was the man that had the authority, it was the woman who seeks knowledge. Perhaps Adam felt Eve would gain wisdom beyond which god had granted him, and she would psychologically become superior to him. Could it be that Adam saw Eves attempt to acquire Knowledge as a threat to his own authority? He may have then eaten to reinstate himself as the authority.
Bahamian women must continue to climb the ladder of academic success, although surpassing her male counterpart by an unimaginable gap. I applaud women in the Bahamas for their academic achievements, but I ponder on whether or not they are mentally equip to deal with the snowballing uneducated pool of men they have to choose from.

“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.”
― Malcolm X

Desperate times call for Prudent Measures: Getting the Bahamian economy moving with Heritage Tourism

Desperate times call for Prudent Measures: Getting the Bahamian economy moving with Heritage Tourism
By Jamal J. Archer

Today’s Bahamas seems like a ship without a sail; it has drifted so far from its roots that the vision of moving forward has somehow impaired the realization of where we the people came from. It was once common to see Bahamians ‘toil the soil’; subsistence farming was more than ensuring that our bread had butter, it preserved history and transferred it from one generation to another. The preservation of our history can no longer be mere words, trapped in a jail called archives, cared for by a warden called a librarian. ‘Lift up your head to the rising sun bahamaland’. With record level unemployment, and an increase in social and moral decay, desperate times call for prudent measures. It is now time for Bahamians young and old, to reconnect with our heritage in a manner that will restore national pride and generate revenue.
Generating revenue to revive the Bahamian economy may be difficult, but not impossible. Such a paradigm shift requires the wisdom of age and the curiosity of youth. I propose the introduction of a national program referred to as ‘Heritage Bahamas’. ‘Heritage Bahamas’ intends to create projects that accentuate historical Bahamian traditions in a global market as a branch of tourism. This innovative idea will prepare Bahamians to work in areas that have yet to be realized. Historically, tourism in The Bahamas comprised of a ride in the local taxicab or a strut in our old-fashioned horse and carriage. Other Bahamians refer to our colorful and mouthwatering ‘Fish Fry’ just minutes away from the illustrious Down Town Nassau as tourism. Nowadays the new Baha-Mar and timeless Atlantis resorts all essentially represent what we view as our touristic products.
Lesvie Clare-Archer has completed studies in International Hospitality and Tourism Management, Marketing and Spanish, and defines Cultural Heritage Tourism as “the strategic planning, development and promotion of a country’s tangible and intangible culture and heritage”. This definition will act as a yardstick to measure how far away Bahamians have drifted, while also pointing us in the direction we need to go.
Bahamians, young and old, have grown impatient with politicians and lobbyists who claim to be experts on recognizing the problems but unable to provide effective solutions. Before we uncover the potential solution of using our history to generate revenue in a contemporary market, there is a premise that must be set. According to the National Endowment for the Arts, five principles exist for a country to develop a successful and sustainable cultural heritage tourism industry: Collaborate, Find the fit, Make sites and programs come alive, Focus on quality and authenticity, and Preserve and protect.
The project ‘Heritage Bahamas’ may seem farfetched at first glance, but to the contrary, it is plausible as similar projects currently exist. Upon examination of other countries that promote their cultural heritage as a tourism product, this form of tourism is also very lucrative. The United Nations World Tourism Organization in 2011 ranked five countries to be the leaders in Heritage Tourism based on the number of international tourist visits. The number one country is France with 79.5million arrivals, followed by the United States (62.3million), China (57.6 million), Spain (56.7 million) and Italy (46.1million). Based on these numbers, if each tourist represents a dollar value, we can assume that these countries probably do moderately well in terms of revenues. If ‘Heritage Bahamas’ aims to be as great as any of the countries listed above, we must first understand these countries ‘modus operandi’, and second, we must ascertain which aspects of our heritage are unique enough that local and international tourists would enthusiastically pay to explore.
For example, in China, the government has ‘taken the bull by the horn’ in marketing its Heritage Tourism product. Its government heavily encourages tourists to visit Li and Miao cultural villages, to hike in its mountains and rainforest, and to visit cultural artifacts, cultural relics and cultural shows of song and dance done by the Hakka people of China. Many tourists travel to China to experience cultural sites such as the ‘Great Wall’ and visit caves like the ‘Mogao Caves’ which is referred to as a treasure house of oriental art.
Another example is France, who attracted 78.95million tourists in 2010, which made the country the most popular destination in the world. France has heavily marketed ‘Green Tourism’ through its beaches, shoreline resorts, ski resorts, and countryside regions that many enjoy for their beauty and tranquility. Its capital, Paris, is the most visited city in the world. Paris is also home to the Louvre, the most visited art museum in the world, and also the museum Musee d’Orsay mostly devoted to impressionism.
Spain, a country that enjoys a diverse landscape, effectively markets its exotic volcanic landscape and riveting wetlands as one of its main cultural attraction. It is a nation of much ecologic value, with several national parks, as well as the Cave of Altamira.
Italy is amongst the greatest countries to effectively create sustainable Heritage Tourism products. The country is primarily known for its rich art, cuisine, history, fashion, culture and priceless ancient monuments. Italy presently has the most World Heritage Sites than any other country in the world. Italy also features Cultural Heritage Walking Tours, which are small group tours that take tourists to galleries, museums, villas, archaeological sites, neighborhoods, restaurants and historic buildings.
All the countries cited use aspects of their local history and culture to craft sustainable industries which provide enormous job growth opportunities and increased cash flows in their respective economies.
Now, the questions for Bahamians are, what does ‘Heritage Bahamas’ have to offer a heritage tourist, and how can we support and sustain such an industry? For years, The Bahamas has vigorously been sold as a Sun, Sand, and Sea destination, but it is time to unleash the next strategic phase in tourism marketing.
The National Trust for Historic Preservation in the United States defines Heritage Tourism as the “travel to experience the places and activities that authentically represent the stories and people of the past”. Heritage Bahamas intends to do just that.
When I asked Androsian Christopher Knowles, ‘what can Andros offer a Heritage Tourist?’, he responded by sharing how tourists love the natural environment, and enjoy sharing cultural experiences with the locals. Mr. Knowles believes that ‘living off the land’ is an experience that can engage a Heritage Tourist. He said, “our meat is kept in the sea” explaining that the sea is like their refrigerator. “In Andros, we cure our meat by stuffing it with salt then wrapping it in a cloth, and then we bury it in the dirt. We also beat the conch and fish then hang it out in the sun to dry and eat it much later”. Many tourists will travel to a country where each day they can catch their own meal, season, and prepare it themselves for consumption. Mr. Knowles also suggested that tourists may enjoy going to the local mill to grind their own corn into flour, grits or cornmeal. How about ‘catching crab’ or ‘crab watching’? With appropriate security measures put in place tourists can learn to catch their very own crab to eat it. Tourists can also partake in the crab spawning season, where they can watch thousands of crabs come from the mainland to lay eggs.
According to Chris, this is what ‘Heritage Bahamas’ is really about; Bahamians sharing their customs and cultures with people from around the world. These traditions are old to us but new to the tourist. Andros is a great site for ‘Heritage Bahamas’ to start. Villages that offer this lifestyle as a tourism product provides new, unique tourists experiences, encourage repeat and referral tourism, and may also decrease the soaring unemployment rate.
Andros is just a tip of the iceberg; there are so many more islands and so much more of our local Heritage to share with the world. ‘Heritage Bahamas’ introduces Bahamian landmarks and customs to the world. For example, Long Island is known for bone fishing, caves visits, and features a museum of local artifacts. The island also has the world’s deepest blue hole.
Another Heritage Tourism marketing strategy involves the organization of native plays about folklore tales of B’bouki and B’rabbi. Bahamians can present theatre style reenactment plays of ‘The Burma Road Riot’, ‘Mace out the window’ and perhaps ‘The Suffragettes ’. Also, plays about ‘Piracy’, and ‘Rum running’ etc. can be reenacted at our local forts. Plays provide good cultural heritage experiences for people, provide jobs to locals, and generate revenue in the country.
‘Heritage Bahamas’ can also revive the Junkanoo workshop, where its patrons learn to paste a costume, shake a cowbell, and participate in a Junkanoo rushout.
‘Heritage Bahamas,’ according to Lesvie Clare-Archer, with funding and strategic planning, can develop into a program that promotes the tangible and intangible aspects of our cultural heritage. ‘Heritage Bahamas’ is an overlap between tourism and native Bahamas, an opportunity to bring tourists who want to experience intrinsic history and our way of life into our Family of Islands and wherever else Bahamian history exists.
Desperate times call for prudent measures, let’s get the Bahamian economy moving with Heritage Bahamas. Jobs, jobs, jobs……………………………….
By Jamal J. Archer





Close my eyes and the terror of tomorrow sent me into hibernation,

and I dreamt.

In my dream,
Capitalist became the contemporary colonialist of a badly polarized society.

Equal rights and justice had been devalued to a mere cliché.

In my dream,

The poor were living to die; this also became the plight of the dying middle class.

In my dream,

Many yearn to die, since death promised more than life had offered those who endured the social and economic struggles of this world.

In my dream,

Dr. King arose and realized his dream of human equality amongst the races had arguably come to fruition but the economic gaps amongst the social classes have proliferated.

In my dream,

The slave ships sailed in and Negros were the enslaved as well as the slave driver, and at the shore line I saw the other races both apprehensive and condescending, as they have realized that a people divided against itself can not stand.

In my dream,

Love had become a term that represented a season of plenty, and those without would rob, kill and demolish as a sign of one who seeks to have love and be loved.

In my dream,

The church had remained the ideal symbolism of Christ, but the church in its ways lacked God’s Holy Spirit and compassion.

The people could not feel the message they saw and heard.

I awoke from this dream,

Realizing that my dream was a reflection of my reality.

J.J. Archer[caption